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Councillors & Clerk

Parish Clerk & Contact Details

Clerk Email Telephone

Mrs Katharine Harrod

07704 941150

Your Parish Councillors & Contact Details

Councillors Contact Information

Chairman Cllr Stephen Lees

Cllr Leanne Carr

Cllr Liz Chin

Cllr Derek Winser

Cllr Andrew Pascoe

Cllr Kathryn Rawlinson

Cllr Helen Rhymes

Cllr Rachel Saunders 


Responsibilities to Committees & Lead Roles

Role Person Responsible

Police and Neighbourhood Watch Liaison

Cllr Helen Rhymes

Estuary Forum Representative

Mrs Elizabeth Green

Tree Warden

Mrs Shirley Worrall


Cllr Liz Chin & shared between the Councillors

Emergency Planning Officer


Play Areas/School & Safeguarding

Cllrs Leanne Carr & Kathryn Rawlinson

Village Hall

Councillors by rotation and supported by the Clerk

Neighbourhood Plan

Clerk & Full Council 

Snow Warden


Burial Ground

Cllr Liz Chin

GDPR Officer


Defibrillator Reports 

Cllr Kathryn Rawlinson

West Alvington Traffic Action Group

Cllr Andy Pascoe

Website & Newsletter

Cllr Stephen Lees