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Neighbourhood Plan

Kingsbridge West Alvington and Churchstow joint Neighbourhood Plan


The Regulation 15/16 consultation ran for six weeks between Friday 28th January 2022 and Friday 11th March 2022.  The plan is now with the Examiner.  

West Alvington, Kingsbridge and Churchstow Councils are currently working together through a joint steering group to produce a joint Neighbourhood Plan

This is a formal document that sets out planning policies which will last until 2034 and be used as a blueprint for planners and councils to decide local planning applications and/or to encourage certain sorts of local development. The object is to ensure the community gets the type of development structure that it wants. Until now SHDC has produced its own local plan for the whole South Hams. Once our neighbourhood plan is in place this will be used to supplement the SHDC plan. We cannot however override the Joint Local Plan.

Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow Neighbourhood Plan update 17/05/2022

Since the issue of our draft Neighbourhood Plan and the public consultation process was that completed (Regulation 14), a huge amount of work has been going on behind the scenes to incorporate the feed back where it was appropriate.

The revised Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to South Hams District Council under Regulation 15. This version of the Plan was required to undergo a second consultation process (under Regulation 16), which was carried out by South Hams District Council which has also now been completed.

The Neighbourhood Plan document has now been submitted to an Independent Examiner (Regulation 17). The Examiner will go through the Plan in the greatest of detail to ensure all parts of the document are correct, fair and comply with all regulations and legislation.

Further updates regarding the progress of the Plan will be added to the website as the process heads towards our ultimate goal, the Community Referendum.

If you have any comments please contact the Parish Clerk at